Who am I?

I'm the founder and CTO of Bell Curve — a growth marketing agency — and Demand Curve — a Y Combinator-backed company that teaches growth marketing. We've worked with Microsoft, Envoy, Perfect Keto, Imperfect Produce, and hundreds of others.

I worked as freelance developer and content marketer for years. My writings about web design have been featured on David Walsh, Creativebloq, .NET magazine, and Creative Market.

I'm addicted to experiences and learning. I've travelled to 40 countries, speak 5+ languages fluently, and have done a full-time culinary program.

Being from Vancouver, I also meditate, rock climb, do yoga, and complain about real estate prices.

What do I write about?

I write about the things that interest me. This is an extremely broad field, but currently includes subjects such as:

  • Entrepreneurship and growth marketing
  • Self improvement and actualization
  • Languages
  • Traveling
  • Mindfulness
  • Philosophy and ethics

But I'll write about whatever strikes me at the time.

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