Hi, I'm Neal 🍉

I'm a founder of Demand Curve, Bell Curve, and Un-ignorable.

I help founders start, build, and grow companies.

Each week send actionable startup growth advice for 92,000 founders and marketers, post daily on LinkedIn, and write a personal newsletter where I dive deeper into startup ideas.

My Companies

Demand Curve

I'm the co-founder of Demand Curve, a marketing education company with a newsletter of over 92k founders & marketers.

We've trained people at companies like Autodesk, Salesforce, Airtable, Zendesk, Segment, and Telus.

We create courses and content that teach and empower people to grow their startups.

We were accepted to Y Combinator's Summer 2019 batch.

Bell Curve

Agencies suck for startups.

  • They pass you off to junior talent
  • They lock you in for months and months
  • They force weekly calls to show you fancy slide decks

We've designed the most startup-friendly ads agencies.

The Un-ignorable Challenge

It's 2023. People wanna buy from people—not faceless brands.

Un-ignorable is a 28-day group challenge for founders and marketers who are ready to step into the spotlight—taught by me and Katelyn Bourgoin.

We've helped 100s of founders build un-ignorable personal brands—including Zain Kahn, Amanda Natividad, Nathan Baugh, Eric Partaker, Dave Kline, and more.

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